There’s a phenomenon sweeping across the eastern seaboard: Deja Foo.  Deja Foo is the feeling of seeing or hearing the Foo Fighters, while at a tribute band’s show.  Deja Foo is that tribute band.   Mixing both studio and live versions of songs, Deja Foo bring the Foo Fighters experience to you.

Breakout, Walk, or hop a White Limo and get your Skin and Bones to a show.  You will thank your February Stars you did.

Set List

Bridge Burning ■ Rope I’ll Stick Around ■ This is a Call ■ Learn to Fly ■ Congregation ■ My Hero ■ Breakout ■ Cold Day in the Sun ■ Times Like These ■ Monkey Wrench ■ All My Life ■ The Pretender ■ Run ■ Best of You ■ The Sky is a Neighborhood ■ DOA ■ Long Road to Ruin ■ Walk ■ White Limo ■ Arlandria ■ Sunday Rain ■ These Days ■ Erase/Replace ■ Everlong ■ Dear Rosemary ■ No Way Back ■ Big Me ■ February Stars ■ Miss the Misery ■ Wheels ■ La Dee Da ■ For All the Cows ■ A Matter of Time ■ Back & Forth ■ Alone + Easy Target ■ Hey, Johnny Park ■ Stacked Actors ■ I Am A River ■ Make It Right ■ Sean ■ Something from Nothing ■ Skin & Bones ■ St. Cecelia ■ Come Alive ■ Low


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