Where do tribute bands come from?

Kevin, Brett and I all used to play in another RVA band and we all thought that Richmond, VA  needed more Foo Fighters in it’s life.  The local venues needed the face melting, ass kicking, fuck slinging that only Foo Fighters bring.  Shit,  seems like they might be the last great real rock band.   I digress.  I thought of joining another local band, a Kiss band (then I could have been Kiss Guy – that guy’s awesome and shreds the hell out of a guitar).  But, my wife suggested that I put together a Foo Fighters Tribute band.  I started making calls, it took almost 6 months to get all the right players for the band.  I was trying my damnedest to keep from using the same guys as the old band,  you see how that worked out.

We started rehearsing and shit started getting tight.  Songs like Everlong quickly came together and our set-list grew.  We started out just trying to learn every song off the Greatest Hits album, but now we’re almost 40 songs in…I think we might  be getting the hang of this.  We still practice every week.  We’re working our way through the archive of Dave Grohl’s songwriting shenanigans.  We still scrape the internet to see what tricks they do live.  Yes, we watch a lot of YouTube.  I just watched the Tampa, Florida show the other day.  Gotta get that gab that Dave does, the tricked out drum kit of Taylor Hawkins (he’s come a ways since the days of backing Alanis Morrissette), the rumble of Nate’s super bass sound.  The whole thing.

So, there you have it.  Out of the ashes of a local RVA band we came to be.   Now we get to run, scream, and melt faces while playing the greatest songs of our age.